Mad and Massive Mid-Year Sale



We have come halfway through the year with so much to be thankful for, not the least of which are you, our dearest clients, and we’re not pushing on to the last half without a celebratory shindig. Yes, it’s our mad and massive mid-year sale!

Take note: This sale isn’t the regular kind of sale, as we’re treating you to as much as 79% off on most of our high-quality, finely crafted and peerless products, including the well-loved Softcover, Imagewrap and Debossed Photo Books.

And then there’s the icing on the cake: we’re also giving huge discounts on two of our exciting new products. One is the elegant Designer Cover, which offers a range of variously themed and masterfully designed covers for you to choose from for your book. The other is the diversely useful Photo Cards, which can serve as personal mementos of your travels and adventures, as well as souvenirs for your events, or even as portraits of yourself and loved ones.

So, are you excited yet to join the celebration? Take advantage of this sale now! Just visit your country’s Promotion* Page to know more about these insane discounts!


*Promotion rates may vary according your country


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2 Responses to “Mad and Massive Mid-Year Sale”

  1. When does this Mid-Year sale end?

    I also have a groupon, so can I use it with the sale to have 55% off my imagewrap photobook order?


    • Hi Nancy,

      The Mid-Year Sale will end by the end of the month. :) As for your Groupon code, unfortunately, only 1 voucher is applicable for 1 order. Therefore it is not possible to tie your Groupon Voucher together with a 55% code. Hope this helps!

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